NPC reg. no.  2019/462842/08
Research funding for Occupational Therapists in the field of psychiatry


The recipient must be a qualified occupational therapist from a W.F.O.T. and O.T.A.S.A. recognised training centre

The research must be in the field of psychiatry or intellectual disability, psychosocial rehabilitation, mental health / intellectual disability, at all levels of health care.

The recipient must be a member of O.T.A.S.A. and the research must be carried out in South Africa.

The research may be for degree or non degree purposes.

A summary of the proposed research project must be submitted to the Board according to the set application form, and must be sent in electronic format . E-mail as an attachment to

A report must be submitted to the Board on progress made annually.

Results of the research must be published in a recognised journal e.g. SAJOT, SAMJ or the OTASA Newsletter FOCUS, including acknowledgement to the Crouch Bursary Fund.

The funding will only be awarded to a limited number of applicants per year depending on the availability of funds.

The financial year for the Crouch Bursary Fund begins in April and ends in March the following year.

If the research is abandoned the fund monies must be paid back to the Crouch Bursary Fund within a negotiated time period.

Applicants may apply twice to the Crouch Bursary Fund for funding. Priority will be given to research related to priority needs of South Africa.

The research proposals will be reviewed by the Crouch Bursary Fund Board and their written decision is final.

Usually two applicants can be funded in a year from the interest accrued from the investment.
The amount is discussed and decided by Crouch Bursary Fund Board members.
The amount does not exceed R10,000 per applicant. This amount may be increased dependent of the importance of the research. 

The Crouch Bursary Fund is looking for additional funding so that the funding amount can be increased.

If you are able to contribute to the Fund, please contact Prof. Rosemary Crouch at

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